to the poor children

We are passionate in the quest to improving the social and educational live of our children who are not from a well able families.


Homeless Orphan.

Be part of the team in helping children without there parent in the mission to change there future live


there for the Elderly People

We help the elderly people by providing money to them to avoid them being at risk of going hungry


and help a better future

By working in partnership with you we will be able to reach many and change the live of many needy eldery and children for a better future

Our Mission

Empowering the elderly and orphans to live their lives fully by facilitating access to basic needs.

Capacity Building

Queen Esther aims at developing and strengthening the skills and abilities of the community it serves.

Our Vision

To spread the power of optimism and Inspire The elderly and.

Welcome to our Queen Esther Community Based Organization

that is involved promoting, developing, encouraging and maintaining development agendas tailor made for eradication of poverty in the country.The name was inspired by Queen Esther from the Bible and her zeal to help Gods people (the Israelites),She was a fearless Woman and obedient to God, we believe in the fact that as much as the elderly want their basic needs meet it means much more to empower them through trainings and coaching so that they can be in a position to meet these needs themselves.